We are working to create a Register of Patients with LAMA2-CMD in order to have a database with all patients with this disease in Spain.


The Register will be compatible with the criteria from the Cure CMD i Treat- NMD (Neuromuscular Network)


With this register we want to help doctors, research people, and biopharmaceutical companies in the development of new clinical trials and in new therapies to treat the CMD, making possible a quick identification of patients that might benefit from them.


So, it is important to create this register to:


  • Possible clinical trials.
  • Help to define pharmaceutical investments.
  • Finance research lines in this disease.
  • Increase the awareness and promote research.


When registered you will receive information on therapies and clinical trials which be available at each moment, corresponding to the profiles of registered patients.


You will have soon all the information required to fill up the register form.


If you need more information on the patients register or you need any assistance to fill up it, you may send a mail to