Physiotherapists Network of Solidarity

Physiotherapists Network of Solidarity

The ImpulsaT Association, which brings together the 26 families in Spain affected by congenital muscular dystrophy due to merosin deficiency, is launching the solidarity action Physiotherapists Network of Solidarity.

Children affected by this minority disease need a lot of physiotherapy support to reduce pain and enhance mobility, so we have carried out a citizen involvement project through physiotherapists.

We are aware that this is a sector affected by the pandemic, so we do not propose that physiotherapists make a large contribution of money, we propose they be our accomplices in order to involve many supportive patients. We will help them by providing with materials for social networking, informing through our channels and making it reach the media in their town or city!

An excuse to reconnect with your patients!

How does the network work?

  1. The physiotherapy center joins the network and chooses the month to dedicate to solidarity action.
  2. ImpulsaT provides the center with all they need to share it and makes it visible through its channels.
  3. During the solidarity month, users of the center are invited to make an extra contribution to the usual price of the session. The physiotherapist also collaborates with a symbolic contribution.
  4. Contributions are recorded in a ticket to compute the total collected and inform the participants of the final sum.
  5. At the end of the month, the center will transfer the donations and data. The participation and collection totals will be published.

Once the solidarity campaign is over, the physiotherapy center makes a transfer to the ImpulsaT Association.

We offer you all you need to start a solidarity campaign in your town with your patients.

To register, write to stating:

  • NAME
  • E-MAIL

and we will contact you to launch the campaign!

Join the Physiotherapists Network of Solidarity, join the momentum!