Some projects promote their products in favor of ImpulsaT

Some projects promote their products in favor of ImpulsaT

Did you know that your Christmas shopping can contribute to scientific research for the care and life quality improvement of people with merosin deficiency congenital muscular dystrophy? It sounds complicated, but it is very easy:

These are the businesses that are collaborating with ImpulsaT and that will give part of their benefits to our projects:

If you have Instagram, you will love @CuquiArolas: cases, masks, pants and many more things handmade sewn with very beautiful fabrics. It will donate 5% of each sale to ImpulsaT for a year.

products from Cuqui Arolas

In the online store you can find things like an umbrella, a pen, earrings, lamps, bow ties… 10% of its sales will be donated to research until today! Hurry up!

products from no res

The online store has been collaborating with us until yesterday. You can find there cosmetics, clothes, accessories… They have given €0.50 for each sale this past weekend.

products from bio oferta

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Are you a business and you want your sales to help scientific research? Contact us:

Thank you very much for your research!