An everyday bigger Network!

This May has been the first of the Solidarity Network of Physiotherapists, which we started with the idea of ​​creating a shared solidarity that raises awareness about minority diseases and muscular dystrophy in the world of physiotherapy. Public resources are not dedicated to rare diseases but there is a lot of energy we are receiving from people like you to continue researching into an improvement in the quality of life of the people who live with the disease.

Nobody would tell we have only been on the Net for a month, because we have already added a dozen physiotherapy centers, the ASEM Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases, The Association of Physiotherapists of the Basque Country, the Catalan Hockey Federation, the physiotherapist and disseminator Lluís Puig, and lots of people who are making donations and getting interested in the initiative!

For next June, there are already 5 centers that have joined to grow solidarity in their town. For a month they will explain the project to their users and they will be able to decide to make a voluntary contribution. If they decide to donate, the physiotherapist will add 5% of the price of the session. We will contribute telling the media about you. Between physiotherapist, patients and ImpulsaT, we will make bigger the mountain of solidarity.

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