Organize an activity for research!

From the ImpulsaT Association we help you to involve your people in collecting resources for the investigation of congenital muscular dystrophy due to merosin deficiency.

Tell us your idea and we will help you make it come true.

We share some activities already been made:

👉 Sale of bracelets. These children from Cornellà de Llobregat, companions of a member of ImpulsaT, are making bracelets to raise funds. Look how beautiful!

👉 ImpulsaT products point of sale. The Red Paw Tattoo shop has become a partner by selling our products at their shop. Do the shirts fit?

👉 Solidarity workshop. The Telva Cooking School offered a workshop to learn how to cook an exquisite menu. All profits went direct to ImpulsaT! Yum…

👉 Solidarity snack. Food attracts everyone and, if the benefit is solidarity, it tastes better! The Pia de Balaguer school held this snack before Christmas.

👉 Race sponsorship. A person close to ImpulsaT who works in the world of sports has made us sponsors of his team. We already won!

👉 Create a product. The residents of Balouta are sure not to miss an ImpulsaT event with these calendars made by an ImpulsaT follower. Suck amazing landscapes!

👉 Solidarity shops. The online stores CuquiArolas, BiOferta and No Res offer or have offered a % of the benefits of each product to the ImpulsaT Association for a period of time.

👉 Solidarity birthday. An ImpulsaT collaborator has dedicated her birthday to raising money for research through Facebook.